In our system of training we DO have belt rankings.  Each level of ranking brings a new set of learning criteria that in our opinion supersedes the color of ones belt.  It is emphasized in our dojo that the reason to aspire to a higher rank should solely be to acquire new skills and gain a higher understanding of the art and yourself.  Our belt ranking system is broken up into 6 student level ranks and 5 levels of advanced/instructor ranks.

We often are asked how long it takes to obtain a black belt in our school?  This is difficult to answer, it is entirely up to the individual, the journey is different with each person and the unique challenges they face.  The student is often reminded that FAST is most always not a good thing in the martial arts.

“I will take this opportunity to say that our school and way of training is not the fast food of martial arts.  If one is looking for multiple stripes on their belts, trophies, competitions and flashy appearances, this is not the school for them.  If one is looking for honest, proven and dynamic self defense instruction that transcends the physical and develops the whole person, then this is the school for you”
• Chief Instructor – Chris Leventis

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The ranks break down into the following “learning” sets:

Roku-Kyu (White Belt)
• First Wrist Technique
• Front Wrist Throw
• Elbow Chop
• Arm Bar
• Leg Sweep
• Mugger’s Throw
• Jacket Grab
• Whip
• Come-A-Long
• Unbendable Arm
• Straight Punch
• One Hand Blocks
• Written Evaluation
Go-Kyu (Yellow Belt)
• Pivot Take Down
• Pivot Hold Down
• Peel Off
• Reverse Wrist
• High Bridge
• Low Bridge
• Lift Up
• Arm Bar Throw
• Wheel Throw
• Spin Around
• Chop
• Cross Blocks
Yon-Kyu (Blue Belt)
• Handshake
• Two Hand Lift Up
• Pull Down From the Rear
• Over the Back
• Two on One
• Two Hand Grip From the Rear, Throw to the Front
• Two Hand Grip From the Rear, Throw to the Side
• Two Hand Wheel Throw
• Reverse Palms Lift Up
• Third Set Wrist Technique
• Front Kick
San-Kyu (Green Belt)
• Slap to the side of the head
• Pulling the head from under the arm
• Arm over the shoulder
• Back breaker
• Pivot over the back
• Bear hug throw
• Scoop throw
• Unbendable arm against the kick
• Twisting the ankle against the knee
• Scoop against the kick
• Side Kick
Ni-Kyu (Purple Belt)
• Shoulder throw
• Spinning arm bar throw
• Scissors throw
• Spinning hip throw
• Across the body wrist throw
• Cross arms throw
• Reverse pivot take down
• Body block
• Groin block
• Drop
• Elbow Strikes
I-Kyu (Brown Belt)
• Retest on previous requirements.
• Cross face elbow blow
• Upward elbow blow
• Side elbow blow
• Rear elbow blow
• Five ki techniques
• One application for each principle (50)
• Self-defense line (100 attacks including knife and club attacks)
Sho-Dan (Black Belt)
• Perfect execution of all blocks
• Perfect execution of all strikes
• Perfect execution of all 50 principles
• Demonstration of applications (50)
• Katsu test (first aid)
• General knowledge (oral and written)
• 10 Ki techniques
• One year teaching experience
• Self-defense 150 attacks (including multiple attacks, knife, gun and club, attacks)