The Aikido Academy of Self Defense is excited to announce that Manong Ray Norton of Gulf Coast FCS Kali will be conducting classes from our Dojo!

Ray brings a vast experience in Martial Arts with Filipino Combat Systems being his emphasis. His dedication and unrelenting pursuit to constantly explore Kali translates into his teaching and classroom atmosphere.

Founded by Tuhon Ray Dionaldo, Filipino Combat Systems is an organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of all Filipino Martial Arts.
Filipino Combat Systems (FCS) is a Filipino Martial Arts organization with members from around the world. We come from extremely diverse backgrounds and Martial Arts systems. We’ve all come together because of our love of the Filipino Martial Arts, and our unwillingness to become involved in the politics that has so often stifled it’s growth.

Disciplines of FCS include:
• Solo Baston/Single Stick • Double Baston/Double Stick • Daga/Single Blade • Daga Daga/Double Blade • Espada y Daga/Sword & Dagger • Mano-Mano/Open Hand • Espada/Long Sword • Panantukan/Filipino Boxing • Kerambit/Hooked Blade • Sikaran/Foot and Leg Fighting • Sarong/Malong • Tactical Baton • Olisi Palad/Palm Stick Bolo • Tabak-Toyok/Nunchaku • Latko/Whip

Updated schedule of classes are listed at the calendar at the bottom of this page. You may also contact Ray Norton at (727) 543–5322 or via email kalibladeray@gmail.com.



Aikido and Kali – A formidable combination
I feel very fortunate to have discovered FCS Kali and privileged to learn from Tuhon Ray Dionaldo and subsequently Manong Ray Norton.  The inclusion of FCS principles into my base art, Nihon Goshin Aikido, has had a profound effect on my approach to combative self defense and my approach to teaching.  As a martial artist you can never stop learning and my continued path of discovery with the FCS Tribe has me very excited for the future of Nihon Goshin Aikido and it’s evolution.  There is a saying that you hear from time to time at FCS Gatherings….”Steel Sharpens Steel”,  my experience thus far confirms this!



~ Chris Leventis


Head Instructor, Aikido Academy of Self Defense, Tarpon Springs.