NO Contracts – NO Testing Fees – NO Promotion Fees


Giving Back to the Community:
The Academy believes in giving a little back to those individuals that serve our community and gives a 10% Discount for Active/Retired Military, Police, Firefighters, Paramedics & School Teachers as a small thank you for their service.

Contact the Instructor with any questions, please use our CONTACT PAGE.

Our classes are organized into three distinct categories: 

Adult Group – All skill level sets – training is at your own pace
Children’s Group – 8yrs. & up, specialized kids program
Private Instruction  – one on one program customized for you


The Adult Program

Our program is unique in that it not only has the physical aspects of training and fitness, but also encourages the development of other traits such as self-discipline, cooperation, respect, and a more calm disposition. Self-confidence is increased when the challenges of training are successfully met. The individual needs of the students are considered while teaching at a pace that allows them to comfortably fit in with the class. This is your personal, private time to escape life’s normal routine and do something that is beneficial, healthy, and fun.  We are unique in that students progress as individuals at their own pace while training in a group environment, there is no time table expected or forced on you.

In the Beginning to Intermediate Adult program we focus on the following core skill sets:

• Nihon Goshin Aikido technique – classical (traditional) & applied (real world) variations

• Balance and Movement – using balance in technique and off-balancing your attacker

• Blocks (offensive & Defensive)

• Strikes that make use of the entire body, used both defensively and offensively

• Nerve Pressure point activation

• Judo chokes, throws and leverage technique

• Ground techniques

• Defense agains knives, sticks and guns

• Defense against multiple attackers


The Children’s Program

Taught in special children-only classes. We teach something of value, yet fun, in a non-competitive atmosphere where all can achieve their maximum capability. Self-defense and positive self-image are emphasized. Learning self-discipline and self-control gives the students confidence to be assertive without being aggressive. That promotes self-respect. Classes give personalized attention to help the student deal with the frustration and fears of the unknown. They learn to cooperate with others, listen and speak with respect. They display much more ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. This particular attribute enhances the other aspects of their lives. It is not uncommon for our students to report better grades at school, less social problems with classmates, and a less contentious home life. Besides physical development, coordination, balance, and poise through exercise and basic self-defense techniques, the emphasis is on non-violence, safety, and patience.

Children’s classes emphasize the following core skill sets:

• Special Nihon Goshin Aikido kids curriculum, classical (traditional) & applied techniques

• Blocks

• Strikes utilizing arms & legs

• Emphasis on developing balance & coordination

• Structured exercise regimen with emphasis on correct stretching

• Realistic defense that emphasis encounters children might encounter


The Aikido Academy of Self Defense is constantly examining and refining it’s curriculum based on what works and what doesn’t.  The core skill sets emphasized above are only the beginning in our training regimen.  Education is a journey that never ends, our instructors are constantly expanding their education in the martial arts and refining what we teach.  

Our motto:  “Honoring Tradition….Constant Evolution”